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Configurable Slots

Developing a system that is convenient for your members and utilises efficient use of the club's facilities is often not practical with manual booking systems. This system enables a whole new range of possibilities whatever the time of the day or day of the week slots can be created which enable the best use of the club facilities by providing the ultimate convenience for members. For example: it should not matter when a member wishes to book, the start time of a slot should be as near as possible to the members preferred time. This can be achieved by staggering the start times of the slots on each court. eg If the club is using 45 minute slots and has three courts then by staggering the second court 15 minutes and the third court 30 minutes this will result in a slot becoming available every 15 minutes.

How much time a slot operates for can also be inidivualised for many slots throughout the day. A club would make good use of this by shortening slots at peak times when many members are wanting to play and then lengthening them at off-peak times when few people require them. The club can be adjusting their slots to match these times, by doing this it will have the effect of encouraging members to use the club facilities at less popular times and therefore make more efficient use of the club facilities.