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Booking Restrictions

Booking restrctions allow everyone to get a fair share of the club's resources.

Every club has members that should only be able to book at selected times. Bookings-Ace allows administrators to create groups of members and restrict selected groups from booking courts at certain times. For example maybe you only want your Juniors to book courts before 6 pm or Tuesday morning might be a ladies only day, or your club may have members who have only paid to play during week days. When you have situations like this these members are placed into an appropriate group and the system is configured so that certain members can only book at the certain times.

Members who book one slot after another at peak usage times can be very annoying and unfair to other members. Why would you allow members to book on two different courts at the same time. We can only play on one court at a time. If your club has either of these two situations then you can use the new 'Spaced' bookings feature to control members who are doing this.

Decide who you want the booking restrictions to apply to, should it be all members with their respective restrictions or should it only be for the member whom is creating the booking?

Do you want the restriction to be cancelled when there is obviously no one else going to use a free slot? When there is only a short time left until the slot begins you are able to cancel the restriction and allow members to book in their otherwise restricted time.

Whatever your club's policy this system can be configured to only allow authorised members to book courts at their allowable times. Creating policies like this ensures that your club's facilities and assets are distributed to and used fairly by all club members.