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Quotas create a fair system for all members by preventing excessive use of facilities by those few members who regularly book all the slots during peak usage times. For example, many clubs find that Monday and Tuesday evenings are the most popular times of the week. At these times a quota of just one booking could be created. This will allow other members to have a chance to also play at these popular times. This concept is also aided by the calendar which can be set to only allow members to book a selected number of days in advance.

These quotas are individualised for both peak and off-peak times. In the above example a further off-peak quota is therefore also created. A member who has reached their peak quota is still able to book further courts on that same day however they must be at off-peak times.

Quotas are created for each day of the week either individually or for any number of days at the same time. This means configuration of quotas is a simple process.

Most clubs find quotas are a necessary part of their club policies and they work well. However sometimes free slots may appear and members may be frustrated when they can see a free slot but have fulfilled their own quota and can not book the slot. The system allows for this by enabling configuration of setting a cancel quota time. When this time is set then quotas are not applied when there is less than the set time before the slot begins. For example; if the cancel quota time is 30 minutes and a slot about to begin in 20 minutes then even though a member has reached their quota they are still able to book the slot.