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For some clubs it may only be a fee that is applied to visitors while other clubs may charge a fee for every slot booked. Every club is different and the system allows for a range of different fees to be applied whatever the Businesses policy. Maybe it is a fee for each participant or the item, may be it is when booking a court or cancelling a booking.

The options continue, adjust the fee according to the group the member belongs to, the time of the day, the day of the week or the time left until the booked slot starts. It does not matter whether the fee is per court or per hour the club creates the policy and the system manages the fees.

The type of fees able to be created are:

While there are many options to configure appropriate fees the online set-up makes it a simple process. Extensive management of Visitor fees is also available.

When it comes time to pay fees members are able to do this through the online payment facility, utilising Pay Pal member fees can be directly paid into a club business account.